About Us

Matiz is an established Spanish company, designing, manufacturing and marketing women’s separates: coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, and tops, most of them in natural fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton, etc.

Our designs are marketed under our own designer brands - MATIZ and CLÓ. Although both brands are targeted at the medium-high sector, MATIZ, the big sister, has a calm and elegant style aimed at the woman aged 30+ while CLÓ, launched in 2009, reflects a casual and carefree style that attracts also the younger sector.

Both our brands produce two collections a year (Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter), comprised of more than 100 designs, ranging from ready-to-wear styles to evening and formal styles.

Distribution and Export

Due to our experience in this market, the elaborate designs, the quality of our fabrics, and a domestic production, MATIZ has become a well-known market leader in the multibrand boutiques and is now stocked in over 400 retailers around Spain.

Matiz sells her collections through a network of agents both nationally and internationally, with the aim of providing the customer with a personalized service.

Given the success achieved in Spain, Matiz has recently expanded worldwide in order to make her collections available in other countries such as Portugal, the United Kingdom, Russiaand Sweden.

Marketing and Publicity

Our company participates in several international trade and fashion shows such as the CPM in Moscow, the SIMM in Madrid and the Fashion Week of Castilla y León in Burgos.

Following the international launch of MATIZ, our collections have been featured regularly in the media - TVE, Canal TV Extremadura, Diario de Burgos, ABC, Pasarelas Internacionales, FashionMag, Empresa Exterior, etc.